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Ragtag Ceilidh Band

The band began back in the 1990’s after 2 people (from a former life) met up again, discovered they had both played in ceilidh and barn dance bands and thought it would be a good idea to play together.

After finding a quirky caller (who fitted in very well) the band set off round many local village and church halls playing for groups, societies and worthy causes, basically having a lot of fun and providing entertainment.

The Ragtag members have played with other bands over the years but has now decided to play again under its original name, along with a couple of other musicians they met along the way, thus forming a more flexible and versatile band.

We still play in the village and church halls as well as the larger venues in hotels, golf clubs, farm barns etc. We cover a range of events from the village celebration, wedding evenings, birthday parties and even retirement functions. Any type of function really in all sorts of locations.